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Bataleon have cerated an asymmetrical TBT board because your toes are not the same as your heels. Just think about it: your toes are further from your ankles, which makes it easier to apply exactly the pressure that you want. Your heels are much closer to your ankles and therefore make a less efficient pivot point, meaning that exact pressure application and error correction are both more difficult. This is why many riders naturally favor traverses and cruising on the toes. With ASYM TBT the uplift on your heel side starts further outside your bindings than on your toeside. This gives most looseness where you can easily handle it (on your toes) and more control and better turn initiation where you need it (on your heels) The result is that when riding on a flat base, there is a longer effective edge engaged on the toe side and more pressure can be applied before the board starts to carve. This is great for straighter jump take offs. On the heel edge, the faster onset of the sidebases mean that less pressure is needed to engage the edge making it super easy to regain control from a flat base. The asymmetric EVIL TWIN is still a twin because the nose still mirrors the tail exactly so it doesn’t matter if you ride it goofy or regular.

  • New for 1415 is ASYMMETRIC TBT. This is an asymmetric version of TWIN TBT. In this shape, the heel edge sidebase begins closer to the tips of the board than the toe edge sidebase. 
  • The 4x2/24 pack is the ultimate in flexibility. maximum precision, maximum width options, maximum Party!
  • Fast as fuck! Great wax absorption and as hard as nails. these bases come with factory wax already infused. top up regularly to get the most out of it.
  • Poplar core with hardwood reinforcements along the insert rows. this increases the board’s core strength and channels stored energy to deliver more pop.
  • Tri-ax laminates over and under the wood core include fibreglass layers aligned in three directions (two at 45 degrees to the edges and the extra one along the boards length).